'This looks a bit isolationist': Iain Dale's reaction to Joe Biden's speech

31 August 2021, 21:45

Iain Dale's instant reaction to Biden address

By Seán Hickey

America's position as the world's leading superpower may be 'usurped by China' as Joe Biden stands by the US' Afghan withdrawal.

Iain Dale was speaking off the back of Joe Biden's defence of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"I wonder whether this is a sign of things to come where his foreign policy seems to echo that of the former President Trump." Iain feared.

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He told listeners that President Biden's speech seemed "to be a bit isolationist."

"It's not just Donald Trump that carried out an isolationist foreign policy, it is now President Biden too."

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Iain wondered about the consequences of Biden's comments, suggesting that America withdrawing from the world could result in the US losing its place as the leading superpower.

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"Is the place in the world of the world's leading superpower, the United States, about to be usurped by China?" He reminded listeners that China "has its tentacles" in countless developing nations across the globe.

"I get the feeling that this year is going to be seen as a landmark year" Iain predicted, seeing the events up to now as "akin to 1989-1990" when the Berlin Wall fell.

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"2021 is going to be a crucial year in international relations," he predicted, suggesting that a monumental power shift may be about to occur.