Irate Labour MP rips into Andy McDonald's 'self-indulgent' resignation

27 September 2021, 20:36 | Updated: 27 September 2021, 20:44

Ian Murray reacts to Andy McDonald's resignation from Shadow Cabinet

By Seán Hickey

This shadow minister accuses Andy McDonald of 'deliberate sabotage' after he controversially announced his resignation from the shadow cabinet.

The former Shadow Employment Secretary sent shockwaves through the Labour conference on Monday after dramatically announcing his resignation from the shadow cabinet.

"What was your immediate reaction?" Iain Dale asked the Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray. The Labour MP didn't hold back in his criticism.

"This is deliberate sabotage. Andy McDonald signed off this policy and launched it with Angela [Rayner] on Saturday, waits two days to go to the composite meeting that's going to propose the motions that's off the back of this proposal and then decides to resign."

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"It's so frustrating" he added.

Ian Murray reacts to Andy McDonald's resignation from Shadow Cabinet

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Mr Murray was critical of Mr McDonald's timing, reminding Iain of the powerful speech of Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves this afternoon.

"All we're doing is talking about the self-indulgence of some members of this Labour party" he fumed.

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"If they don't want to be in this Labour party, there's the door. Thankfully Andy McDonald's taken that door."

Mr Murray believes the move goes deeper than damaging the party: "It lets the country down."

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Iain pointed out that Mr McDonald has long been an ally of Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Rayner. "Is there some sort of conspiracy there?" He wondered.

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"You'll have to ask Andy McDonald" the Shadow Scotland Secretary insisted.

"I've no idea why Andy McDonald resigned because his resignation letters seems quite different to what he's now telling the media – and on a policy that he signed off."

"If people want us to be talking about them, well, they've succeeded, but it's done the country a huge disservice", Mr Murray concluded.