Head of armed forces 'gaslighting Afghan women' with Taliban comments, Tory MP insists

29 August 2021, 13:49

Nus Ghani hits out on General Sir Nick Carter's comments

By Seán Hickey

General Sir Nick Carter is endangering the lives of women and minorities in Afghanistan with his comments on the Taliban, according to Nusrat Ghani.

Iain Dale was speaking to Nusrat Ghani in the aftermath of the final evacuation flights leaving Afghanistan.

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He took her up on the comments of the Chief of the UK Armed forces General Sir Nick Carter, who argued that the West should give the Taliban the chance to prove themselves as capable of governing Afghanistan.

"You must be slightly surprised by that view," Iain argued.

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"I think it's a punch in the stomach, to be honest. You're basically gaslighting 19 million Afghan women, let alone all the minorities in Afghanistan who are now going to face a living nightmare."

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Ms Ghani insisted that "the Taliban have not changed, nor can they change.

"They have to be as pure as they can in their interpretation of an Islamic state otherwise they will lose power."

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She went on to stress that "the issue of female education isn't a side issue, it tells you all you need to know of how secure that country's going to be."

Ms Ghani told Iain that the consequences for the West are just as bad with the Taliban in control.

"I dread to think what they're going to unleash on the rest of the world when they export their version of Islamist extremism," she warned.