Nigel Farage's First Interview After EU Elections: "Put Me On Brexit Negotiating Team"

26 May 2019, 22:46 | Updated: 27 May 2019, 00:49

Nigel Farage told LBC that he demands to be put on the negotiating team to secure Brexit.

The Brexit Party are expecting to win the European Elections with the Conservatives and Labour seeing their share of the vote sliding.

Speaking exclusively to LBC immediately after the final polls closed across Europe, Mr Farage said the Brexit Party's result should be able to influence who the next Prime Minister is.

He told Iain Dale: "I think the Brexit Party is going to win, by how much I'm not sure. Anything with a three in front of it, I would be over the moon. We've helped the Prime Minister to go rather earlier than planned.

"If we're going to have a two-month Tory leadership battle with very little going on, we demand now - we have a mandate - we want to be part of the negotiating team. We've got five months now until 31st October."

Nigel Farage gave his first interview to Iain Dale
Nigel Farage gave his first interview to Iain Dale. Picture: LBC

Regarding who he wants as the next Prime Minister, Mr Farage said: "Maybe our vote tonight will influence a little bit who becomes the next Prime Minister.

"There's now a 50% chance of some election taking place this year."

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