Caller: Strip oligarchs of citizenship like Shamima Begum to end Putin's invasion

5 March 2022, 12:40

Strip oligarchs of citizenship to pressure Putin, caller says

By Seán Hickey

Russia's rich and powerful would quickly force Vladimir Putin to cease his invasion of Ukraine if their European citizenship was revoked, this caller suggests.

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"The oligarchs, we want to put pressure on them to put pressure on Putin", Alan in Fleet began. He phoned Iain Dale to offer a way to force Putin's hand and get the Russian President to deescalate the situation in Ukraine.

European nations have been quick to act on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, imposing strict sanctions on some of Russia's wealthiest individuals.

The UK is following suit, but has given a month warning that sanctions will come into place, which has raised concerns over individuals and entities being given the opportunity to liquidate their assets rather than have them seized immediately like in the EU.

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The caller suggested that the easiest way the UK can threaten Putin's regime is to revoke the citizenship of the oligarchs.

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"We can take away the citizenship of people if they're dual citizens. We've done it to Shamima Begum. Why don't we say to the oligarchs effectively, if you are supporting Putin, you are effectively an enemy of the West?"

"You love Putin so much, you can go live in Russia with Putin – take your family with you."

He argued that if the Russian elite were forced to return to the country, "that would pressure the oligarchs to push them to stop Putin's war."

"They don't want to be kicked out of Monaco and London, New York, etcetera, they want to live their luxury,"