LBC's US correspondent explains why election was called for Biden

7 November 2020, 21:14

By Seán Hickey

LBC's Washington correspondent gave listeners the background into how Joe Biden has been declared the US President-elect.

Simon Marks joined Iain Dale as Joe Biden has been declared the US Presidential-elect after winning Pennsylvania.

Iain wondered "how can we be sure that that result is incontestable?" Simon went on to explain how American media outlets declare winners.

"When we all went to bed last night the margin for victory for Joe Biden was 0.4%," in Pennsylvania, and Simon noted that usually outlets require a 0.5% gap.

Simon explained that the gap in the last few hours had become unattainable for President Trump.

"They got to a place in the last two days where they were confident enough to say that Donald Trump cannot catch up the gap in Pennsylvania, in Arizona, in Nevada and in Georgia and while the votes still continue to be counted, at that moment the ball game is over."

"Events have simply overtaken Trump," Simon declared, hinting that outlets in the US were correct to declare Joe Biden.

He highlighted that polarisation in the US still remains following the result: "While we're seeing these enormous protests...we're also seeing world leaders sending congratulations."

"For all the scenes of celebration we're witnessing...there will be large parts of the country where 70 million Republican voters live who won't be celebrating," Simon added.

Offering a prediction in the coming hours, Simon noted that "what Donald Trump says next will be really important."