'You're the hypocrites!' Iain Dale takes on Insulate Britain protester

22 September 2021, 21:38

Insulate Britain spokesperson says injunction wont change anything

By Seán Hickey

This is Iain Dale's fiery conversation with Insulate Britain spokesperson Dr Bing Jones in its entirety.

In a rip-roaring interview, Insulate Britain spokesperson Dr Bing Jones told Iain Dale that demonstrations on British motorways will not cease following an injunction taken out on the climate group.

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Iain told the activist that the group are "reducing support" for their cause because of the heavy disruption caused by the M25 demonstrations.

Dr Jones told LBC that his group will be seen to be "on the right side of history" in the long term, adding that "business as usual is killing us".

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"We should have a government that looks after us" Dr Bing said, arguing that the government is failing to do so.

Insulate Britain say their protests will continue

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He pointed out that "this government has reduced its financial support for carbon reduction" and the climate group are trying to highlight this among other government failings in reducing carbon emissions.

Iain pointed out that government won't negotiate with the climate group, which he branded "hypocrites".

When Dr Jones noted he is "miserable" when he demonstrates on the M25, Iain clapped back "you'll be even more miserable when someone gets killed".

"At some point someone's going to get killed and it'll be down to people like you."

Dr Jones concluded that "there has been no real movement at the pace required" to address climate change and this is the groups raison d'être.