Susan Hall blasts Sadiq Khan's planned council tax hike for London - but can't name how she will make savings

20 December 2023, 08:47 | Updated: 20 December 2023, 10:25

Susan Hall has taken aim at Sadiq Khan but could not name where she would claw back savings
Susan Hall has taken aim at Sadiq Khan but could not name where she would claw back savings. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Tory candidate for the mayor of London Susan Hall has blasted Sadiq Khan's spending as council tax is set to rise.

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But she was unable to name many specifics about how she would find savings for the capital's government.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, she said: "We've just got to look at Sadiq Khan. Many people do not realise he's got a £21bn budget. He's got a massive budget, and there are savings that could be made into that.

"He is wasteful and seems to be obsessed with taxing Londoners. You know what's happened with the Ulez expansion, that is costing people money that they simply cannot afford."

Ms Hall went on: "When things are difficult... you look at what you're spending and you look at where you can make savings or make alterations. All he does is immediately go to the government and say 'I want more money'."

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Nick Ferrari is joined by Tory Mayoral candidate Susan Hall

She said details of savings would be in an upcoming manifesto - but asked to name two, she suggested "areas in TfL".

"I'll tell you something... go on the Underground, and watch the amount of people that go through the barriers and don't pay.

"That's just one little thing that annoys Londoners."

She promised she would "work those figures out and they will be available" when pushed on specifics, and could not reveal how much a crackdown on fare dodging would be worth.

Ms Hall's campaign took a hit after she was ridiculed recently for claiming her wallet was stolen.

She realised she did not have it when she got off the Tube and used her belief she was pickpocketed to blame Mr Khan for crime.

Sadiq Khan was criticised by Ms Hall
Sadiq Khan was criticised by Ms Hall. Picture: Alamy

But it later emerged the wallet was returned, still containing her Oyster card and £40 in cash.

Her comments come after it was revealed Mr Khan is planning to hike council tax by almost £37.26 for Band D properties.

The mayor, who is running for a third term in the job, has said he needs to hike City Hall's income because of a "lack" of government funding for the Met, the fire brigade and TfL.