WHO Covid Envoy: 'Augmented plan A' would reduce UK case rates

24 October 2021, 13:23

By Seán Hickey

The WHO's Special Envoy on Covid-19 insists the UK needn't trigger 'plan B' to reduce Covid rates – instead to mandate masks and social distancing.

"Do you think it's inevitable that we will be moving to plan B at some point soon?" Iain Dale asked Dr David Nabarro, as the government come under increased pressure to act on rising Covid case rates.

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"Other countries in the world that are relying on vaccination are doing everything they possibly can to keep the numbers down" the health expert said, speaking from Italy where he claimed to be "strict" on mask-wearing.

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Along with wearing masks, he argued for the reintroduction of messaging which encourages social distancing.

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The WHO Special Envoy argued that adopting such measures "reduce your risk of picking up the virus".

"If we can just have that behaviour more widespread, we will have fewer hospitalisations and deaths" he insisted.

Dr Nabarro argued that the measures are simple and that "if it can be done in Europe, then I think it can be done in Britain."

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"I think that it's time" he said, adding that what he proposed wouldn't necessarily be the government's "plan B" strategy, "just an augmented plan A, really"