'Stop forcing your lifestyle on animals': Vegan caller defends fast food blockade

22 May 2021, 14:06 | Updated: 22 May 2021, 14:34

By Seán Hickey

As plant-based activists prevent animal products leaving McDonald's depots across the UK, this caller defended their cause.

Sarah from Tonbridge told Iain Dale that she has been vegan for nearly 40 years and phoned in to show support for an animal rights group blockading McDonald's depots across the UK in protest.

She explained to Iain that her reasons for being vegan were in support of both the planet and for animal rights, but Iain argued that "we as humans have always been meat eaters."

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The caller didn't entertain the comment: "The fact is I pay taxes, many of my taxes go to subsidise the diary industry; the beef industry; the sheep industry," she pointed out.

"I think I have much right to discuss this issue as anybody else."

"I'm not trying to force my lifestyle on you, but I am trying to stop you forcing your lifestyle on other animals."

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She explained that society must stop thinking of animals as a byproduct of the food industry and have more compassion for them along with activists blocking deliveries to fast food restaurants.

"The fact is animals are involved in this" she said, arguing that the sooner the public at large recognises this, the better.

"People who eat animals are animal eaters."

Sarah argued that "people are very angry with people who are vegan" because they don't like being faced with facts. Iain quipped that "they are so keen to let us all know they are vegans" which is what the public at large are more irritated by.

The caller scoffed at Iain's comments, before noting that the world is changing and accommodating vegan principles, and massive fast food corporations must get in line.