First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver nudges past Just Stop Oil protest

First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver breaks through Just Stop Oil blockade

Migrants will soon be moved back onto the Bibby Stockholm.

Migrants to be moved back onto Bibby Stockholm after Home Office paid £300,000 a week for empty barge

The Home Secretary was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

'We've done well to stand up the barge': Home Secretary defends use of 'safe' Bibby Stockholm

The cost of the Bibby Stockholm could have recruited more asylum decision makers

Empty Bibby Stockholm barge cost taxpayers more than £560,000 - enough to clear 1,000 asylum claims in backlog

The FBU is preparing a new legal challenge to ministerial plans to resume housing migrants on the Bibby Stockholm barge, moored in Dorset

Bibby Stockholm plans face fresh legal challenge over Government's 'callous disregard' for safety

Rishi Sunak has defended the use of the Bibby Stockholm barge

Rishi Sunak defends Bibby Stockholm migrant barge despite legionella bacteria discovery

Suella Barge

Suella Braverman can't be blamed for housing migrants on barge with Legionella, ConservativeHome editor says

Rishi Sunak has confidence in Suella Braverman despite Legionella discovery on Bibby Stockholm

Rishi Sunak still has 'confidence' in Home Secretary Suella Braverman despite Legionella discovery on Bibby Stockholm

Steve Barclay said he wanted migrants back on the Bibby Stockholm

Migrants must get back on Bibby Stockholm barge despite outrage over legionella, Health Secretary says

Kolbassia Haoussou hit out at the conditions on board the  Bibby Stockholm barge

Asylum seeker torture survivor says legionella-hit Bibby Stockholm reminds him of unsanitary ‘refugee camp’

It is understood the migrants have been relocated to hotels.

Tory ministers hit out at ‘incompetent’ Home Office as Legionella bacteria to put barge out of action for weeks

A group of people thought to be migrants brought in to Dover

Major lifeboat response after migrants spotted floating in the English Channel

One migrant compared the Bibby Stockholm to Alcatraz

Life on board Bibby Stockholm: Migrants compare barge to Alcatraz while others say it is 'good'

Lee Anderson has doubled down on his comments about migrants.

Downing Street backs unrepentant Lee Anderson as he refuses to apologise for migrant comments

The Roads Minister defended Lee Anderson's comments.

'It reflects the real frustrations people have': Roads Minister insists Lee Anderson's migrant comments were 'fair'

'Bibby Stockholm' Welcomes First Asylum Seekers

'I like it': First migrant to leave Bibby Stockholm gives verdict on what life is like on floating barge