Killer caught on CCTV walking with man she knifed to death - before phoning pal to say ‘I’ve just murdered someone’

26 January 2023, 14:59 | Updated: 26 January 2023, 17:05

CPS footage shows Rebecca Press hours before murdering her mum's best friend

By Will Taylor

A woman who stabbed a man to death then called her ex-boyfriend to admit "I've just murdered someone" has been jailed for life.

Rebecca Press, 31, of Caerphilly in Wales, killed Marc Ash at her mother's home in the town early on 17 July 2022 after she spent the day drinking and taking Valium.

She took a three-inch blade from a kitchen drawer and stabbed him near his heart, leading to Mr Ash suffering a cardiac arrest. The 57-year-old died despite paramedics' attempts to save him.

Press was staying at her mother Michelle's home, having split from her boyfriend after finding out he was cheating on her. Mr Ash, who was with Press when they visited pubs earlier on, had been trying to calm Press down when she stabbed him.

Press was jailed after changing her plea to guilty
Press was jailed after changing her plea to guilty. Picture: Gwent Police/Alamy

Press, who had left the flat to hide in bushes nearby, called her ex-boyfriend Ashley Allan and left a voicemail saying: "Ash it’s really bad. It’s really f****** bad.

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"I've just stabbed someone and killed them. I've just murdered someone, please phone me now. F***. I’ve just murdered someone."

When officers arrested she asked "what, has someone died?" before telling them: "He was my mother's neighbour. What – he's dead? Oh well."

Press, who was also found to have MDMA, amphetamine and THC in her system, later claimed she had acted in self defence before changing her plea. She has 16 previous offences including assaulting an emergency worker and fraud.

Press, who had gone to trial at Cardiff Crown Court, changed her plea to guilty. She got life in prison with a minimum of 20 years behind bars on Thursday.

Press has been jailed for life
Press has been jailed for life. Picture: Gwent Police

Mr Ash's son, who was not named by police, said: "I would like this opportunity to say some words on behalf of my Dad.

"I loved my father and cannot believe that he has been so cruelly taken from my life.

"My father was intelligent, kind, gentle and funny with an in-depth knowledge of music and other subjects which he introduced me to. I share similar interests to my father.

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"I hope to study law as a career and my father will never see me go to university, graduate, or start a family. He didn't see me reach my 18th birthday, pass my driving test or exams of which I know he would be proud.

"All these opportunities I have been denied and will have to live with the fact that I no longer have a father for the rest of my life."

Mr Ash's parents said: "Marc's life was tragically taken from him. His family and friends are devastated by his shocking demise.

Press was jailed for life at Cardiff Crown Court
Press was jailed for life at Cardiff Crown Court. Picture: Alamy

"He was a gentle soul; unassuming in his demeanour; a gentleman. To simply say he will be sadly missed is an understatement but we have indeed been blessed to have him."

Gwent Police's Detective Superintendent Michelle Chaplin said: "This is a tragic and senseless incident which led to the death of a loved man.

"The family of Marc Ash have been left devastated by their loss and have had to hear distressing details about their loved ones' death through the court trial as they sought to get justice for Marc's death.

"I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Marc's family and friends for their courage, dignity and support throughout our investigation. No sentence can make up for their loss, our thoughts remain with them."