US General David Petraeus Gives His Honest Take On “Barking” Brexit Events

18 December 2018, 07:47 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 10:53

One of America’s most prominent military figures has told LBC what he really thinks of Brexit, and admitted recent events seemed a bit “barking”.

Retired US Army General David Petraeus famously led the 101st Airborne Division into combat in Baghdad.

He sat down with Iain Dale for a 45-minute interview, which ranged from Donald Trump to Iraq.

And after a turbulent few weeks for Theresa May and her Brexit plan, the four-star general gave an outsider’s point of view.

General David Petraeus spoke to Iain Dale
General David Petraeus spoke to Iain Dale. Picture: LBC

“The real question about Brexit is what does it do economically, is there a real hit on the UK economy,” he said to Iain.

“No one really knows because we don’t know what the form of the agreement will be.

“I watched the Prime Minister speak yesterday in the Parliament and then watched the questions after that and I must confess the word that came to mind is a British one that I’ve heard… barking - which seemed to me to capture that particular situation.”

General Petraeus continued: “It just seemed slightly mad, the disorder, the sheer almost chaos, I know some of this is just theatrical.”

In the clip above clip General Petraeus also gives his take on Nato and the EU Army.