"A Blundering Buffoon": Andrew Pierce Lays Into Sacked Gavin Williamson

2 May 2019, 07:55 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 08:04

Andrew Pierce labelled Gavin Williamson a "blundering buffoon" after the Defence Secretary was sacked over the Huawei leak.

A Downing Street spokesperson said Theresa May had "lost confidence in his ability to serve", but Mr Williamson swore on his children's lives that he was not responsible for the leak.

Andrew is one of the leading Conservative commentators and didn't hold back in his criticism of the man who was nicknamed 'Private Pike'.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Andrew said: "Gavin Williamson is a blundering buffoon. Tory MPs long ago closed the book on who they thought had leaked details of the National Security Council because he's got form for leaking.

"There's been a series of leaks since he's been Defence Secretary, which is ironic because he can to prominence as Chief Whip. The Chief Whip is in charge of discipline in a party and they are the keeper of all sorts of secrets. They know about every single MP's indiscretion, which they can use against them if they want them to vote in a certain way.

"This leak was a leak too far.

Andrew Pierce didn't hold back when discussing Gavin Williamson
Andrew Pierce didn't hold back when discussing Gavin Williamson. Picture: LBC

"The government is insane if it's really going to allow the Chinese to be involved in the construction of our 5G network. But National Security Councils are a place where the military top brass should be able to talk very frankly and privately with politicians without fearing for a second that any of their utterances are going to be leaked.

"This was a big leak.

"Of course, he's still saying he didn't do it."