Time For Tasers: Chancellor Promises Funds If Police Forces Want Devices

5 September 2019, 10:14 | Updated: 5 September 2019, 14:22

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has told LBC he would make sure police forces would have the funds they need if they want to equip their officers with tasers.

Nick Ferrari launched his Time For Tasers campaign this week, writing to the Home Secretary to request ring-fenced funding for all forces to give every officer who wants one a taser.

Thirteen senior police chiefs signed his letter and the National Police Chiefs Council are meeting to discuss the routine arming of officers.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari this morning, Chancellor Sajid Javid said: "I'm supportive of helping our police officers do their job.

"One of the first things I did when I was Home Secretary was I felt they did need more resources and at the time, I gave them the biggest increase in a decade.

"Yesterday, what I announced is even bigger than that. In fact, I gave the Home Office its biggest increase in 15 years and a lot of that is going to go to police forces, not just for hiring more officers but to make sure they are properly equipped."

Sajid Javid promised funding for tasers
Sajid Javid promised funding for tasers. Picture: PA / LBC

When Nick asked if the Chancellor would allocation additional funding for the tasers, Mr Javid responded: "If local forces decide they want to spend some of that on tasers, then that's their right and I want to make sure they've got the funds that they need.

"I want to work with the Home Secretary to make sure the police have what they need.

"If that's what they come forward and recommend, then we would take it very seriously."