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Katie Hopkins In Tears

Katie Gets Tearful While Delivering Message To The 'Rape Squads Of Britain'

11 months ago

Muhammad from Birmingham spoke to Katie Hopkins

Caller In Tears Over Child Abuse Which Puts His Pakistani Community 'To Shame'

11 months ago

Katie Hopkins spoke to Jayne Senior MBE

'Rotherham Is Not Unique' Says Original Whistleblower

11 months ago

Katie Hopkins shocked

Rotherham Sex Survivor: I Told Authorities And They Did Nothing

11 months ago

Hopkins Singh

"Political Correctness Let Grooming Gangs Prosper"

11 months ago

Katie Hopkins Spoke To A Mother Of A Trans Boy

Hopkins Makes Unlikely U-Turn After Speaking To Mother Of Trans Boy

11 months ago

Katie Hopkins Slams Lazy Parents

Katie Slams The Lazy Parents Of Today

11 months ago