Nick Ferrari Tells Education Secretary: You Took A Kicking In Local Elections

7 May 2019, 08:54

The Education Secretary admitted the Conservatives "took a kicking" in last week's local elections.

The Conservatives believed they would lose 800 councillors in the polls, but ended up 1,330 down.

Speaking to Damian Hinds, Nick Ferrari said: "Labour hurt a little bit, but by God, you guys took a kicking, didn't you?"

Mr Hinds responds: "Yeah we did.

"We lost some really good people, which I really regret. Some hard-working councillors doing their best for their local communities caught up in this question about Europe.

"It wasn't only us, it was also the Labour Party. Overall, it was a bad set of results, clearly, but it was compared to the high-point of 2015."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Damian Hinds about the local elections
Nick Ferrari spoke to Damian Hinds about the local elections. Picture: LBC

Nick asked whether he feels the election results will have given Theresa May a fresh resolve for negotiations on Brexit.

Mr Hinds insisted: "I don't think the Prime Minister's been lacking resolve, Nick.

"We need a breakthrough and that's not down to just one person. It's up to all of us to share responsibility.

"The public, our electorate, expect us to make this happen."