Europeans MUST Be Allowed To Stay In Britain After Brexit, Says Nick

8 February 2017, 07:50

Nick Ferrari serious

Nick Ferrari demanded that the government allows Europeans already in the UK to remain here after Brexit.

MPs are considering demanding changes to the Brexit bill, one of which involves increasing protection for EU nationals in Britain - and also for UK citizens living in Europe.

And Nick Ferrari told his LBC show that they must be allowed to stay here.

He said: "I remember discussing this last week with someone who did actually agree with the idea of effectively rounding up Italians and Portuguese and French and whatever it might be and herding them towards buses to take them down to the White Cliffs of Dover and shove them on the ferry and put them over or put them on the train.

"But that you can't possibly do.

"The key is here, how long does someone have to have been in this country to have his or her or their rights protected? Because I can understand that, for the purpose of debate, once Brexit is triggered, let's just say that it's going to be March 10th, I've just plucked that date from the sky.

"Anybody coming in six months that's fine, that'll take us towards the back end of this year, but after that, there will have to be certain qualifications, certain paperwork has to be filled out to gain access to the country.

"But surely you agree, provided you are a European Union citizen, provided you are here legally, provided you have come in with the relevant papers, provided that you've done all of that and you're paying your tax and you're decent, you've not got a criminal record or whatever it might be, surely you agree that you have every right to stay in this country.

"To do anything else to me would simply be not British."