Freemasons Boss Reveals What REALLY Goes On In The Secretive Lodges

9 February 2018, 09:59 | Updated: 9 February 2018, 10:31

The head of the Freemasons refused to say their secret password live on Nick Ferrari - despite appearing on LBC to say they are not secretive at all.

The United Grand Lodge of England took out full-page adverts in newspapers to set the record straight on some of the myths about Freemasons.

David Staples answered questions about some of the mysteries discussed about his organisation, such as the ancient ceremonies and the use of nooses. But it was when Nick asked him about the secret password that he clammed up.

The head of the Freemasons spoke to Nick Ferrari
The head of the Freemasons spoke to Nick Ferrari. Picture: LBC

He revealed they do have a secret password, which is part of the Freemasons ceremony. He said: "We have passwords, we have the grip or token - the famous handshake.

"But these date back, as part of a ceremony of identification. We based ourselves on the stonemasons. We have these tokens based upon the time when people didn't have CVs, they were illiterate, they would have to prove what they knew of their craft of masonry.

"So if you were a junior mason, you'd have one password and if you're a more senior one, you have a different one. We copy that in our ceremonies. No one has ever given me a handshake outside of a lodge."

Nick asked him about the password "Tubalcain", Dr Staples refused to repeat it on air.

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