Gina Miller Demands Government Controls On Abusive Newspapers

20 November 2017, 10:05

One MP, after featuring on a front page last week under the headline "Brexit Mutineers", has received 13 death threats.

Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry says her office has received 13 death threats since the Telegraph named her as one of 15 "Brexit Mutineers."

The pro-EU Remain supporter said the police took the threats seriously and had passed two cases to prosecutors.

Ms Soubry has described the headline as a "blatant piece of bullying" but the paper's editor defended what he called "the legitimate actions and language of a free press."

Gina Miller called on the government to hold newspapers that overstep the mark to account.

She said: "So I think we have to accept there's always been an element of extremism in our society, there always has. But somehow these individuals now feel that they have permission.

"And every time that they push the boundaries, and this includes certain media, nobody steps on them and says this is not acceptable.

"So they push it further and further and everyone has to come together and say this is not acceptable. We cannot allow abuse of each other, we have to allow debate and we have to get on with each other.

"So everyone needs to speak up, and I have to say, I find that the government's lack of response to these boundaries being pushed just so weak.

"I think media have to be more balanced because if they are going to lead their readers to an area where they are judging the individuals they're writing about, that is irresponsible."

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