Nick Ferrari points out inconsistency in Grant Shapps' pledge to get people back to work

28 August 2020, 09:26 | Updated: 28 August 2020, 09:27

By Adrian Sherling

When Grant Shapps talked about the government's plan to encourage people to return to their places of work, Nick Ferrari pointed out one huge inconsistency.

The Transport Secretary revealed the government would launch a campaign to let people know that their workplaces are safe and it is best for the country to return to their office.

But Nick Ferrari pointed out that while he was in the LBC studio, Mr Shapps was carrying out the interview from his house.

Nick told him: "Secretary of State, I have to put this to you. I'm sitting in my studio in central London. Unless I'm mistaken, you're in your study in Hertfordshire.

"I am back to work. But Secretary of State, you're not. Why?"

Nick Ferrari asked Grant Shapps why he wasn't at work
Nick Ferrari asked Grant Shapps why he wasn't at work. Picture: LBC

Mr Shapps insisted: "That is true. For this morning's round, this works very well.

"Last week, when I spoke to you - same time, same place - my place was different. I was in Cardiff.

"I was going in [to the Department for Transport] on an ad hoc basis throughout. I did a half a dozen of those Downing Street press conferences and that necessitated going into the office."

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