Nick Ferrari Gives James Cleverly Torrid Time Over Boris Johnson's Language

26 September 2019, 08:57

Nick Ferrari challenged James Cleverly after the Conservative co-chair tried to defend Boris Johnson's controversial use of language.

The Prime Minister caused fury on the opposite benches when he responded to a question by Labour MP Tracy Brabin by saying that the best way to honour murdered MP Jo Cox was to get Brexit done.

Ms Brabin had said: "As the woman who has taken over a seat left by our dear friend Jo Cox, can I ask him, in all honesty as a human being, please please will he going forward moderate his language so that we will all feel secure when going about our jobs."

But Mr Johnson refused to relent, responding: "Of course there will be an attempt to try to obfuscate the effect of this act, the Capitulation Act or the Surrender Act, whatever you want to call it. It greatly enfeebles this government's ability to negotiate.

"The best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox and indeed the best way to bring this country together would be, I think, to get Brexit done.

He also clashed with Labour MP Paula Sherriff, labelling her claims that she and other MPs suffer threats as "humbug".

Mr Cleverly attempted to defend those phrases, insisting that Ms Sherriff had put words into the Prime Minister's mouth.

And things got testy when Nick asked if he agreed that her claims were "humbug".

Nick Ferrari grilled James Cleverly over Boris Johnson's use of language
Nick Ferrari grilled James Cleverly over Boris Johnson's use of language. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Cleverly responded: "There were words attributed to him that he did not use."

But Nick insisted: "Well he did use capitulation, he did use humiliation, he did use surrender, a couple of which you usually use in warfare.

"So I'll try again: for the Labour MPs to talk of their concern over dangerous and inflammatory language, it's ok for your boss to dismiss this as humbug?

"It's not, is it? You agree with me, I sense."

Mr Cleverly said: "No, no."

When Nick asked if therefore he didn't agree, he claimed: "OK Nick, this whole conversation is about the need to de-escalate some of the rhetoric. Having some words thrown around out of context isn't going to facilitate that."

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