Met Police Chief Backs Officers Over Rape Case Collapses

6 February 2018, 08:49

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police insisted on LBC that her officers "act impartially" after criticism following the collapse of several rape cases.

The force apologised to Liam Allan due to a failure from police to disclose crucial evidence, including text messages which exonerated him.

Cressida Dick says the issues are partly due to workload and a lack of resources and insists there is no evidence it was done deliberately.

Cressida Dick live on LBC
Cressida Dick live on LBC. Picture: LBC

Speaking on Call The Commissioner with Nick Ferrari, she said: "My officers do act fairly. They do act impartially.

"I have seen no sign whatsoever of anything failing to be disclosed as a result of malice and ill will.

"They have to work through a mountain of material and this is becoming more and more difficult. So at some level, yes, there is a question about resources."

Ms Dick revealed they are reviewing 600 of their cases and admitted she had to move resource from elsewhere in the police force to be able to do so.