Nick Ferrari Takes Aim At "Cynical" RMT Boss Over South Western Train Strikes

18 June 2019, 08:00

Nick Ferrari told the union boss behind the train strikes on one of the busiest rail lines in the country that they were being cynical during a fiery row.

Workers on South Western Railway have walked out at the start of a five-day strike in the long-running dispute over guards on trains.

The action is expected to cause disruption on some very busy rail routes, including to and from London Waterloo and is expected to affect thousands of people heading to Royal Ascot.

Nick took aim at RMT chief Mick Cash, telling him their choice of date to disrupt Royal Ascot was "cynical".

Nick Ferrari had a row with the RMT chief over the train strikes
Nick Ferrari had a row with the RMT chief over the train strikes. Picture: PA / LBC

Asking why they picked these particular days to strike after five years of dispute, Nick told him: "You're only taking it for these five days because of the misery you can inflict.

"So the word 'cynical' is fair. You could have done it last week."

But Mr Cash insisted: "No, that's not the way it operates."

Nick then said: "You're telling me, Mr Cash, that it's just pure coincidence, you didn't even realise that it would impact with Ascot? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

The union boss responded: "Whenever and wherever we do anything, it's going to cause disruption.

"You seem to be fixated on Ascot by the way and not the fact that there are loads of other passengers who aren't going to Ascot.

"We're certainly not fixated on Ascot. We're trying to get a resolution to the dispute because we're at the end of our tether."