Nobody knows how long Pfizer vaccine protection will last, says Israeli Government adviser

21 January 2021, 14:21

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment an Isreali Government adviser told LBC "nobody knows" how long Pfizer 's Covid vaccine will protect its recipients for.

Professor Arnon Afek told LBC's Nick Ferrari: "We now know for sure that a week after the second dose there is a boost in the levels of antibodies up to the point that they carry a very high level which we believe and hope will carry on protections for quite a long time.

When asked by Nick for how long the vaccine would provide protection against the virus, Professor Afek responded: "Nobody knows."

Referring to the UK, he added: "We are looking to you to study up the antibody levels so you can tell the world if [one dose is enough]..."

Professor Afek's words come after Israel's leading coronavirus medic claimed the first dose of Pfizer's Covid vaccine was not as effective in reducing infection rates as he had expected.

Virologist Dr Chris Smith earlier this week told LBC of his concern over Pfizer vaccine results released from Israel.