Premier League football could restart in summer, Matt Hancock suggests

28 April 2020, 11:33 | Updated: 28 April 2020, 11:35

By Seán Hickey

Sporting organisations are working with the Department of Health to find safe ways to continue their seasons- including football.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock shared news with Nick Ferrari that experts in the Department of Health are working to find a way to resume the football season during the summer, but doesn't quite have a date yet.

Mr Hancock was joining Nick on LBC breakfast to answer the questions of the public relating to the coronavirus pandemic

Nick approached the question of the football season resuming. "On the subject of sport, Secretary of State you'll possibly have heard the Premier League is thinking of resuming games by June the 8th- how realistic is that?"

The Health Secretary was quick to let Nick know that he hasn't yet seen the details of the plans "I don't know and I haven't seen the details of it" but then outlined his own opinion of the plans.

He thought that "trying to find a way to have socially distanced sport as much as is possible- behind closed doors and following public health rules" is a great idea and is definitely worth looking into.

Nick asked about how feasible this is, wondering "players can't socially distance can they" to which the Secretary of State was sure to point out social distancing for players would be "in terms of changing and everything off the pitch".

Plans to restart the Premier League with social distancing have been underway
Plans to restart the Premier League with social distancing have been underway. Picture: PA

Mr Hancock knew that the "horse racing fraternity are also looking at how they can do socially distanced behind closed doors horse racing" and told Nick that these are "important things to explore and then tackle the questions they raise".

Matt Hancock then announced that "the public health experts that work for me are working with football and horse racing" and will be coming up with answers as to how sport could continue during the summer, but assured Nick that "a lot of work needs to be done to make it happen".

Nick pushed for confirmation that "June 8th is possible" for the reopening of the Premier League in the eyes of the Health Secretary.

The Secretary of State claimed that it "all depends on getting practical things in place as well as stopping the spread of the virus- it's too soon now, I can tell you that".

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