"Why Are We Funding Clinics In Malawi?" Nick Ferrari Clashes With Pro-Foreign Aid Lecturer

6 April 2018, 10:57 | Updated: 6 April 2018, 11:03

Nick Ferrari asks why we spend money on "insane" overseas projects, during call with lecturer who defends foreign aid spending.

Nick rips into what he describes as "insane projects" that Britain's foreign aid budget currently contributes towards, during call with Dr Alice Evans, lecturer in the Social Science of Development at King's College London,

"My listeners always find it a little puzzling that we have issues of cancer screening over here or not enough teachers or not enough police officers, but we're helping to develop youth football in China."

"You talk about global poverty, I'm sure you recognise we have problems with poverty here in the UK."

The doctor criticises Jacob Rees-Mogg's campaign to clash foreign aid in the Daily Express, stating Mogg is not in the position to comment on such a topic. She argued that we are a wealthy country and have a duty to the rest of the world, to which Nick disagreed.

"We're only wealthy because we're borrowing at a record rate."

Nick Ferrari in LBC studio
Picture: LBC

The doctor agreed that overseas spending does require control, but defended more important causes, giving the example of providing contraceptives in Malawi.

"To provide contraceptives in Malawi is one of the most important things we can do."

To which Nick disagreed, discussing the topic of deaths from prostate cancer, and stated those being treated in this country actually pay taxes to receive that treatment.

"Wouldn't it be important to provide prostate cancer screening for men? More than 11,000 men died from the disease last year."

"Wouldn't you look after your own children before you look after those next door?"