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Police have been criticised for failing to contain a 'TikTok frenzy' around the case

Nicola Bulley police criticised for failures to contain 'TikTok frenzy' after her disappearance

A report has found Mr Faulding caused 'challenges' during the investigation into Ms Bulley's disappearance.

Underwater search expert Peter Faulding 'caused challenges' to Nicola Bulley investigation, say police

Images of Ms Bulley have been used on dating sites

'Sick' scammers use photos of Nicola Bulley on shocking fake dating site profiles

The final photo of Nicola Bulley before the mother-of-two set off for river where she drowned

Heartbreaking final picture of Nicola Bulley before mother-of-two set off for river where she drowned

Lancashire Police slammed conspiracy theories about the tragic death of Nicola Bulley

Nicola Bulley cops slam amateur detectives for conspiracy theories about the mother's death after inquest

Nicola Bulley died accidentally inquest finds as husband says he believes she was trying to put a harness on their dog

Nicola Bulley died accidentally, inquest finds - as partner says she was trying to put a harness on dog

Nicola Bulley's partner revealed he sent her a text asking 'have you got lost?'

‘Have you got lost?': Nicola Bulley’s partner reveals text he sent on the morning she went missing

Nicola Bulley died by drowning, an inquest heard yesterday

'Nothing' to suggest Nicola Bulley was suicidal before she drowned in river, inquest hears