7/7 survivor tells Nick Ferrari how the London bombings changed her life 15 years on

7 July 2020, 09:53

By Adrian Sherling

15 years ago today, Sajda Mughal was on a tube train that was blown up by the 7/7 terrorists. She told Nick Ferrari about her memories of that tragic day and how it has changed her life.

On 7th July 2005, 52 people were killed when terrorists blew up three tube trains and a bus in central London.

Sajda was on the Piccadilly Line train at Russell Square when the bomb went off.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari about that day, she said: "Whilst it's 15 years on, it's still very difficult. It's something I will never ever forget and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

"My thoughts today to go all the survivors, to all the victims and to the survivors and families of victims of the terrorist attacks that we've had thereafter.

"I was 22 at the time and running late for work. I got on the Piccadilly Line from north London and it was busy, I remember it being hot.

"The train left King's Cross and I remember looking at my watch and thinking I was late. Ten seconds into that tunnel from Russell Square must have been the loudest bang I have ever heard in my life. The whole tube shook and came to an instant standstill.

"Those standing up fell down, those sitting down fell forwards off their chairs like myself.

Sajda Mughal told her survivor's story of the London bombings
Sajda Mughal told her survivor's story of the London bombings. Picture: PA

"The lights went off and the emergency lights went on and then I started to hear screams.

"It was 45-50 minutes before we got out of there, but it felt like a lifetime."

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