American Tells Nick His Country Is Racist In FAVOUR Of Black People

25 September 2017, 10:55

"There is enormous discrimination and imbalance in the American system, the main beneficiary of which has been African Americans."

Donald Trump has again criticised American football stars for kneeling during the US national anthem.

Around 20 did so at a game at Wembley yesterday as part of a protest about the treatment of black people by police in America, but the president says sports fans shouldn't condone the players.

A caller, also called Donald, spoke to Nick Ferrari this morning about prejudices in the US.

He was adamant that the majority of racial discrimination in the country actually worked in favour of black people.

Nick asked how that could be if they are more likely to be unemployed, in jail and shot by police officers: "You're not seriously going to tell me America is skewed in favour of black people?"

"Absolutely" Donald replied.

Watch the full puzzling clip above.