"Just Days After Article 50, We're Already Talking About Going To War With Spain"

3 April 2017, 07:37 | Updated: 3 April 2017, 08:02

Tim Farron slated Sir Michael Howard's claim that Theresa May would be willing to go to war with Spain over Gibraltar, saying his remarks are "unbelievably foolish".

The Lib Dem leader accused the government of sabre-rattling after the former Conservative leader suggested Ms May would match Margaret Thatcher's actions on the Falkland Islands.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Mr Farron didn't pull his punches, saying: "The remarks of Michael Fallon, but especially Michael Howard, are unbelievably foolish.

"We're five days now since the triggering of Article 50, where the government has a negotiate with the other 27 countries in good faith. And what we do within a week? We, for one interpretation, threaten military action.

"That is how it's being seen on the continent. That's how it's being read in Spanish paper and indeed other papers in other European countries.

"If you want a good deal for Britain the last thing you do is, as your opening gambit, effectively start sabre-rattling. That is massively undermining Britain's position, the chances getting a good deal are almost diminishing by the day."