Asylum seeker reveals his journey from Iran to reach his dream country, the UK

11 August 2020, 10:22 | Updated: 11 August 2020, 10:42

By Adrian Sherling

Hussain arrived in the UK as an asylum seeker after leaving Iran 20 years ago. He told Nick Ferrari that crossing the English Channel was easy compared to everything else he went through.

He left Iran because of the conflict in the country and reached Europe in Sarajevo.

Hussain spoke to trekking for days and days through jungles in eastern Europe, before reaching Italy and then into France.

But he said he always wanted to get to his dream destination, the UK.

Nick Ferrari found Hussain's story fascinating
Nick Ferrari found Hussain's story fascinating. Picture: LBC

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Hussain said revealed his reasons for wanting to come to Britain - and stated that crossing the Channel is nothing compared with the rest of his 25-day journey from Iran to France.

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