Brexit: Michael Gove details the government's next steps

17 December 2019, 08:43

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove outlined the government's next steps to secure a Brexit deal.

"The Cabinet will meet today, we'll agree the details of the Queen's speech - that's the programme of laws for this Parliament, Her Majesty will be deliver that speech on Thursday.

"Then on Friday we'll bring back the bill that will mean we leave the European Union, then MPs will break for a brief period over Christmas.

"Then when we come back we'll make sure that that commitment to leave the European Union is law by 31st January."

Nick asked if the bringing back of the bill is a "defiance of the EU" and if this was a fair interpretation.

"I think that's putting it a little strong," the Tory MP said, "it's a clear signal of intent. People voted in unprecedented numbers to support the Conservatives to get Brexit done. We are honouring that vote.

"Of course the EU are committed that we conclude this process by 31st January."

Nick then asked how far along the process the deal is.

"We've conlcuded all the details for our departure, then we will go on to have conversations with the EU about our future relationship based on free trade and friendly corporation. The outline of that is pretty extensively sketched in the political declaration - another document that goes alongside the Withdrawal Agreement.

"That political declaration commits both parties to conclude those other conversations by the end of 2020."