Brexit Voter Tells Nick: Blair Is Right To Want A Second Referendum

17 February 2017, 10:47 | Updated: 17 February 2017, 10:50

Nick Ferrari Spoke With A Resentful Brexit Voter

This unhappy Brexit Voter told Nick Ferrari he was "lied to" and praised Tony Blair's speech, which pushes for a second referendum.

Tony Blair has called on opponents of Brexit to "rise up" and push for a second EU referendum in a speech at the headquarters of the Bloomberg financial news agency in London.

The first part of his speech was broadcasted live on LBC during Nick Ferrari's show and the Presenter then asked his listeners to phone in with their reaction. 

One caller, a person who voted to leave the European Union last year, told Nick he agreed with the former PM. 

He said that he did a complete U-Turn following the referendum and said that the Leave campaign lied to him.

The resentful Brexiteer said: "We were lied upon. Tony Blair, I'm not a great fan before you go into one, but I adore and I admire his speech today because he's 100 per cent right.

"We were lied to. There's lots of Brexiteers which have been conned into this. Everybody felt they made us feel we were going to get people like Turkey coming into the EU, we were going to get immigrants coming in, they lied to us. 

"This is not the fact. It's affecting us now. We should have a second referendum, based on the truth, not the lies."

Nick asked: "What happens if there's a second referendum and it's equally narrow?"

The caller said: "I'm very passionate about this. It doesn't matter. Look what they are doing to our NHS."

Nick responded: "The domestic government, what's that got to do with Europe?"

The caller went on: "They lied to us. £350 million, seven days a week, where is all this?"