Nick Ferrari's Brilliantly Entertaining Row With Union Boss Over Tube Strike

13 April 2018, 08:55

District Line drivers are striking over the treatment of a colleague who ran three red lights in just four weeks. Nick Ferrari told the union boss they should just accept he's not up to being a tube driver.

The industrial action has been organised by Aslef and is causing severe delays on the District Line.

Drivers have backed their colleague, with the union claiming that London Underground have not followed agreed procedures over the disciplinary action.

But Nick had a very clear message for the union.

Nick Ferrari had fun with Finn Brennan of Aslef
Nick Ferrari had fun with Finn Brennan of Aslef. Picture: LBC

He told Aslef chief Finn Brennan: "This gentleman doesn't seem up to the job. He spent three days training after the first incident. After the second, he had another five days training. Then another five on stand-down. Then he passed a third SPAD [Signal Passed At Danger].

"I don't wish to speak ill of him because he's not here to defend himself. I'm sure he's a lovely fellow, but he's not up to the job."

Mr Brennan responded: "When you have drivers voting 84 to 2 to support a driver who has only recently passed out, that sends a strong message..."

Nick then asked: "So you're telling me that a driver - and I'm not saying he should lose his job - but Aslef would have a driver who's done three SPADs in 11 weeks? You'd have him back driving the trains?

"Why does he want to drive a train if he's not up to it?

"Let's be candid. This bloke... I'm sure he's lovely, but he's not good enough to drive a train. Can't someone just tell him that?

"You face things in life. I was never going to play professional football. Certain things are a fact of life."

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