Caller Clashes With Nick Over School Dreadlocks Ban

1 November 2017, 09:46

This caller clashed with Nick and said she felt “we’re living under a white supremacy” because black people were not allowed to have their religion.

Sandra told Nick that as a kid she was forced to go to school with short hair “like a boy”.

But this was in the past, Sandra is shocked this rule still exists in 2017 and called for all religions to be treated the same.

Nick was discussing a protest against a ban on dreadlocks that led to a 12-year-old boy moving school.

Former Fulham Boys School pupil Chikayzea Flanders was told he would have to cut off his dreadlocks or face suspension.

The school said the hairstyle breached its strict uniform policy.

The caller said: "I think it's wrong that every other culture that has come to Britain or who has lived over here and parents are got religion it's OK for them to go to school with a turban and whatever culture they have, but when it comes to black people we're not allowed to have dreads.  You don't have a religion.

"I think it's wrong, it's wrong that we have to cut it off because I went to school with short hair like a boy.  

"Can you imagine how that felt?"