Caller hits out at Rebecca Long-Bailey's 'posh' double-barreled name

23 December 2019, 07:46 | Updated: 23 December 2019, 07:54

This caller thinks Rebecca Long-Bailey won't appeal to Labour voters because of her double-barreled name, before hitting out at other Labour leadership candidates.

As the Labour leadership contest begins to get underway, with the party looking to replace outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn following a disastrous general election, one name at the top of commentators lips to replace him is Rebecca Long-Bailey.

With candidates keen to put emphasis on their working-class background, Nick Ferrari asked if it was necessary for those who want to lead the Labour Party to be 'working class'.

Ian from Bayswater was quick to hit out at one candidate

He told LBC he doesn't think Rebecca Long-Bailey "should have a double-barreled name."

Amazingly he said, "it's not going to appeal to the people that she's trying to appeal to."

Labelling a double-barrel name as "posh," Ian said it, "flies in the face of her being the daughter of a docker."

Rebecca Long-Bailey came under fire from one caller
Rebecca Long-Bailey came under fire from one caller. Picture: PA

When Nick Ferrari pointed out often people do not wish to give up their names and merged names, asking the caller if he still thought it was a "sign of being posh."

Ian said it "gives the sign of being posh," adding all the Labour leadership candidates are "trying to outdo themselves as being dragged up from the gutter."

The caller then went on to list the reasons he thought none of the Labour leadership candidates had "started at the bottom and worked their way up."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.