Migrants "should be shoved on a plane and sent back immediately," says caller

18 December 2019, 08:06

This caller who lives on the Kent coast and sees migrants land weekly said they should all be "sent back immediately."

This is after 69 suspected migrants were intercepted crossing the Channel, including 10 children.

Paul from Deal, said, "When you go for a nice Sunday jaunt, you see the border force boats on the Channel... it's not welcome."

"There's stuff even been reported here that hasn't hit mainstream news," he said, "we don't see a week go by without two or three boats, even if they're small little dinghies landing on Kingstown beach or Goodwin Sands. It is a problem.

"I'm really furious about it," he continued and said he disagrees with Nick - migrants "shouldn't come here."

Nick pointed out the migrants want to better their lives.

Paul argued that they should "better their lives somewhere else in Europe. They pass through so many countries. Stop letting us be the dumping ground."

Nick agreed and said it should be dealt by the country on which migrants land; those countries outside the EU simply refuse the migrants.

The caller said he has a second home in Malta and the Maltese won't allow any migrants either; "that's what we should be doing."

"They should be shoved on a plane and sent back immediately," said Paul, "we don't want it on the Kent coast and we certainly don't want it in the UK."

Nick countered that campaigners could say migrants may have relatives in the UK thus the migrants have the right to improve their life here.

"Tough. No."