Caller tears into Jo Swinson for refusing to go into coalition after the election

6 December 2019, 11:10

This furious caller told Jo Swinson that he can't vote for the Liberal Democrats because they have no chance of winning.

Paul called in to say that he is going to vote for Boris Johnson as he thinks a vote for the Lib Dems will help get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.

And with a horrified look on her face, Ms Swinson tried to persuade Paul that her party had a great chance of winning in over 100 seats in next week's general election.

Speaking on Ms Swinson's phone-in on LBC, Paul said: "There are millions of voters up and down the country who don't want to vote for either Johnson or Corbyn, which really should have put you in a very strong position.

"But the problem for both of us, me included, is you're probably not going to win.

"And therefore we have to hold our noses and vote for the person - in my case Boris Johnson who I really don't like - but I have to stop Corbyn getting into government because in my view that would destroy the country economically.

"Had you said that you were prepared to go into coalition, I would have voted for you."

Jo Swinson did not agree with what the caller told her
Jo Swinson did not agree with what the caller told her. Picture: LBC

Ms Swinson responded: "I totally understand your concerns about Jeremy Corbyn and we've seen in the news today further revelations that show this man is not fit to be Prime Minister.

"There's lots of places that we can win as Liberal Democrats where previously they might have been Conservative strongholds and will not put Corbyn in number 10.

"I will work constructively cross-party. I don't think we're in coalition territory."

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