Caller who thinks repatriating Brits is a waste of money rows with man stranded in India

31 March 2020, 08:12 | Updated: 31 March 2020, 08:31

This caller suggested the £75million fund to rescue Brits stranded abroad is a waste of money, so Nick Ferrari got her to tell that to a British man struck in India.

Yesterday, Dominic Raab announced the government would be launching a huge programme of repatriation for the 300,000 British citizens unable to get home. The large majority will be paying for themselves to get home.

Claire in Islington suggested that was a waste of money and the £75million should be spent on the doctors and nurses in the NHS who are leading the fight against coronavirus.

Nick asked her to put that point to Ninesh, who is stranded in India and the two had a very interesting debate over whether he should be brought home.

Nick Ferrari's callers rowed over the repatriation of Brits stuck abroad
Nick Ferrari's callers rowed over the repatriation of Brits stuck abroad. Picture: LBC / PA

She told him: "Can you honestly say that you are happy that the British people are spending money on bringing you home from your holidays rather than giving that money to the NHS nurses and doctors that need it to save lives?"

Ninesh responded: "You've got a good argument, but I've been in England for 40 years, I'm a taxpayer. I'm an insulin-dependent diabetic and I want to get back because I'm worried about my health."

But Claire insisted: "We need to prioritise. He's insulin-dependent, that makes no difference. There are doctors and nurses in the country that he's in."

It was a fascinating row - watch it at the top of the page.