Callers debate whether National Trust should display plaques highlighting slavery links

23 November 2020, 20:59

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment two callers clashed on whether the National Trust should display plaques to inform visitors of its properties with connections to slavery and colonialism.

The clash between Lloyd in Lewisham and Jim in Blandford Forum comes after the National Trust earlier this year published a report revelling how more than 90 of its properties have connections to slavery and colonialism.

The research has been used to update online information and will be used to help the Trust review visitor information and displays at properties.

Speaking to Nick, Lloyd from Lewisham said: "I just find it quite amusing that you seem to be more concerned about knowing what's on the [National Trust] committees than knowing the history of the buildings you might visit."

In response, Nick said: "If you come through London, if you see the statue of a war leader or Nelson or whatever it might be, do you need to know everything? If you're interested, just look it up.

"Why do you need to know everything about it? Why do you need a plaque for it?"

Lloyd replied: "Why are we embracing ignorance so much. Why can't we know things?"

Jim from Blandford Forum then entered the conversation and also took issue with Lloyd's point of view, saying: "If you want to learn about it, buy a book...There's too much meddling [and] too much interfering."

Jim added: "I'm not ashamed of my history. I'm very proud of my nation.

"I'm very proud of my Queen and my country and our past. Yes, we've made mistakes but we've done untold good for the rest of the world."