Listeners Loved This Caller's Honest Assessment Of Why Young Men Carry Knives

7 November 2018, 10:15 | Updated: 7 November 2018, 11:58

This caller gave Nick Ferrari a brutally honest account of why more and more young men in London are carrying knives.

Five men have been fatally stabbed in London this week as the wave of knife crime continues in the capital.

Ella called from Hackney to discuss the rise in murders and said the lower classes of society feel that they can earn more respect on the streets than they can by getting a job.

She told Nick Ferrari: "You earn respect and young people have found a way that they can immediately gratify that need for respect.

"You can't see people like yourself in powerful positions running a country or running businesses. These people form working class backgrounds who do run businesses have a responsibility to work with these people, because the police can't do it.

"We used to live in a country where having a respectable job was something you could rely on and get a sense of identity from. But now you could expect to work at McDonalds at that age.

"Or you could be on the street and gaining far more respect from your peers."

Nick Ferrari listening to this fascinating call from Ella
Nick Ferrari listening to this fascinating call from Ella. Picture: LBC

One listener labelled Ella was called the "caller of the year".

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