"Be Quiet!": Callers In EPIC Row Over Money For Grenfell Survivors

12 December 2017, 09:57 | Updated: 12 December 2017, 10:11

This is the moment two LBC callers were involved in an explosive argument over payments for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

John labelled the survivors sponges as he objected to paying for items such as new TV for the residents of the tower who didn't have insurance.

But an emotional Jay called in to argue that they had survived the worst disaster of this type since World War Two and they deserve everything they are being given.

Nick Ferrari couldn't get a word in when John and Jay clashed on air
Nick Ferrari couldn't get a word in when John and Jay clashed on air. Picture: LBC

John told Nick Ferrari: "If these people had the correct insurance, if these people had contents insurance... why are they being given money?

"If my house burned down and I lost all my things, no one would give me any money if I wasn't insured. These people are just sponges."

But a furious Jay told him: "These people are only living in that block because they are some of the poorest people in society.

"If you've got no money, how can you tell them to insure the contents of their house? Forget about putting clothes on your kids' backs, go and buy contents insurance?"

But an unrepentant John insisted: "Don't have kids and don't have nice things if you can't afford to replace them. That's life. I don't have a Mercedes because I can't afford it."

Jay responded: "Can you hear what you're saying?"

And then things got even more heated. Watch the video in full at the top of the page.