Caller's Response To Prime Minister Boris Johnson Left LBC Listeners In Hysterics

14 June 2019, 08:20

Nick Ferrari is asking what listeners' reactions would be if they woke up and Boris Johnson was Prime Minister. This caller's answer left him in absolute hysterics.

The former Foreign Secretary won a big victory in the first round of voting to become the next Conservative leader yesterday and is a big favourite to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Nick asked his listeners for what they would feel about Boris in Downing Street - and that's when Lawrence called up.

Nick Ferrari was left in hysterics by this caller
Nick Ferrari was left in hysterics by this caller. Picture: LBC / PA

His instinctive response to the question left Nick and all his listeners with tears of laughter.

It has to be heard to be believed. Watch it at the top of the page.