Chris Grayling Admits PM Won’t Be Able To Get All Brexit Demands

2 March 2018, 11:17 | Updated: 2 March 2018, 11:19

Chris Grayling has admitted both Theresa May and the EU will have to come to a “sensible compromise” in order to strike a Brexit trade deal.

The Transport Secretary conceded that “nobody gets everything they want” when it comes to negotiating.

He was speaking after the EU Council president Donald Tusk told the Prime Minister he was “not happy” with her Brexit “red lines”.

Mrs May will set out five “tests” for a future UK-EU deal in a major Brexit speech later today.

She’s expected to say that any deal struck with the bloc “must respect the referendum result”.

But, Mr Grayling, a prominent Brexiteer, admitted there would have to be some compromise along the way.

Theresa May, Nick Ferrari, Chris Grayling
Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: “In the end it’s about a sensible comprised position.

“Nobody gets everything they want in a negotiation like this.

“What matters more than everything else to my mind is we leave the European Union as people said that we should in the referendum.

“We take back control of our laws, take back control of our borders but we remain good friends, good neighbours with the European Union, working together on the values and issues that we share in common.”

Watch the interview above.