Classic paintings banned on social media over nudity claims

4 March 2020, 09:06 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 12:25

One of Titian's paintings which has fallen foul of Twitter's rules
One of Titian's paintings which has fallen foul of Twitter's rules. Picture: National Gallery

By Adrian Sherling

A picture of a 500-year-old painting has been banned on social media - because of nudity.

The painting is going on display at the National Gallery in London this month.

The Royal Academy posted a picture on Twitter from Titian ahead of an exhibition at the London gallery.

But they were shocked that their post was flagged by the social media giant because of the painting's bare breasts.

Twitter confirmed the video was flagged on the basis it breached nudity rules.

Venus Emerging From The Sea by Titian
Venus Emerging From The Sea by Titian. Picture: Royal Academy

The works were painted by the Italian artist in around 1520.

The Royal Academy tweeted their surprise at Twitter's decision - especially since their video of the same exhibition contained a "massive phallus".

Art historian Daisy Dunn told LBC that the complaints are ludicrous.

She said: "What are supposed to do to all of these works? We're being oversensitive to what are very softly rendered exquisite works of art.

"Anyone who has a problem with these needs to look in the mirror when they're taking their shower."