Michael Gove says test, track and trace will be in place by June 1

26 May 2020, 08:49 | Updated: 26 May 2020, 08:55

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Michael Gove has told LBC a test, track and trace system for coronavirus will be in place by June 1, just three days away.

Last week Boris Johnson told MP's in the Commons that his Government would have a "world-beating" coronavirus test, track and trace system in place by June 1.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Johnson said he has "great confidence" a test, track and trace system will be in place by June 1 - the same day schools are set to gradually reopen.

Nick Ferrari questioned the Minister on whether they would hit the target of having the system in place so soon. Nick said: "By my calculation that gives you all of today, then three more days. Are you confident you'll hit that target?"

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove responded "yes," he said the Government have also met targets on increasing the number of tests and providing the extra staff needed for the contact tracing exercise."

When Nick asked if the contact tracing app would be "ready to download" on Monday, Mr Gove said the app is "just one component" but that in many countries with the most "effective contact tracing," that "they haven't had an app."

The Minister said it was a "very valuable part of the system."

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When Nick asked why the Government wasn't "going for a model that is well known," Mr Gove said, "there are different technical criteria."

The Minister said Government advisers believe the current model is the best one and a "robust model."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.