Nick Ferrari Tells Defected Lib Dem MP Sarah Wollaston She Should Hold A By-Election

15 August 2019, 10:07

When new Lib Dem MP Sarah Wollaston said there is no longer a mandate for Brexit, Nick Ferrari told her she doesn't have a mandate to be an MP either.

Dr Wollaston left the Conservatives earlier this year to defect to The Independent Group, but last night announced her decision to join the Liberal Democrats.

That means she has had three parties in a year, but is still refusing to ask her constituents in Totnes whether they still want her as her MP.

So when she said there was no mandate for Brexit, Nick Ferrari gave her a few home truths.

Asked why she voted for Article 50 in the first place, she said: "What nobody imagined was that we would get to a point three years later when I think that frankly the mandate has expired, there is no agreement at all about what form Brexit should take.

"We're actually as a result facing crashing out in 77 days with really catastrophic consequences."

But Nick Ferrari pointed out: "It's interesting you talk about a mandate expired, some would say yours might have done, because you are now sitting as the MP for Totnes as a Lib Dem, you started as a Conservative, then you were in The Independent Group, then you were Change UK, now you're Lib Dems.

"If we're talking about expired mandates, then respectfully yours has, stand again."

Nick Ferrari challenged Sarah Wollaston over her move to the Lib Dems
Nick Ferrari challenged Sarah Wollaston over her move to the Lib Dems. Picture: PA / LBC

Dr Wollaston responded: "Actually, do you know what? You're right, I think Boris Johnson should call a General Election. There should be an election in Totnes, but there should be an election everywhere.

"99.8% of the population had no say whatsoever in Boris Johnson, no say whatsoever in his do-or-die Brexit and he has a majority of one in the Commons.

"The game is up, he should call a General Election or at least give the country to have the final say on his particularly do-or-die Brexit. Some of us would prefer not to die."

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