Man Who Handed Out EU Flags At Last Night Of The Proms Calls LBC To Defend Campaign

16 September 2019, 10:44

A man who handed out European Union flags at the Last Night Of The Proms called in to Nick Ferrari to "bust some myths" about the Brexit protest.

People on social media commented on the number of blue EU flags being waved at the event at the Royal Albert Hall, with some being critical about a political statement about Brexit being made on a traditionally British evening.

Jonathan in Finchley said he was proud of have given out the flags to anyone who wanted to show their allegiance on an important topic for travelling musicians.

He got quite aggravated by Nick asking even the simplest of questions.

When Nick asked how much he was charging for the flags, Jonathan hit back: "No Nick, let' bust some myths here."

Nick responded: "Good lord, I only asked a question."

Jonathan eventually responded: "They were free and the idea that was the Commission who were funding it, or it was out of Jean-Claude Juncker's personal bank account is absolute nonsense."

Nick said again: "All I asked was how much they were, mate."

Nick Ferrari heard from a man behind this Brexit flag protest
Nick Ferrari heard from a man behind this Brexit flag protest. Picture: PA / LBC

Jonathan insisted again they were free, as opposed to the Union Jacks being £3.

Nick then pointed out: "So one flag was free and another was £3. And we see more of the free flag than we see of the other flag.

"I wonder what this tells us?"

The full video is a very entertaining debate into the topic. Watch it at the top of the page.