Ex-Gang Member Reveals Remarkable Stat On Why Violent Crime Has Rocketed

9 April 2018, 08:09

A gang campaigner told LBC that 9 in 10 youngsters caught up in gangs come from a fatherless household.

London has seen a spate of gun and knife attacks in 2018, with violent crime outstripping New York in the last two months.

Sheldon Thomas insisted that as a society, we need take responsibility for what our children are getting up to.

Nick Ferrari discusses knife crime
Nick Ferrari discusses knife crime. Picture: LBC

He told Nick Ferrari: "People need to understand that these young people caught up in this lifestyle, 90% are coming from a fatherless household.

"There's also a statistic that the Ministry of Justice put out that 76% of male inmates either had no father figure or no relationship with their fathers.

"We, as a community, need to take ownership of our children.

"There was a demonstration last week, marching against young people dying. The people who were dying - it's their children who are killing other children.

"If children in our own communities are killing other children, we've got to take some sort of ownership as well. We can't blame everything on the government.

"For instance, the work I do, we see children aged 12 out at two in the morning. Who can you blame for that? Where are the parents of these children?"